Why Orchestra?

Streamlined Equity Management

Easily manage stakeholder relationships & compliance on one platform.

  • Share registries
  • ESOP management
  • Secondary share trading

Orchestra brings equity management together beautifully

We’re on a mission to better connect companies with their investors and key employees

Our customers

Hundreds of companies & over 20,000 investors trust Orchestra

Orchestra helps Kiwi companies big and small – from those with complex shareholding requirements, to those just starting out.

If you need to manage equity, you’ll love Orchestra.

Flagship features

Two key solutions in one trusted platform

Share Registry

Orchestra is ideal when you’re planning to raise capital, sell your business or simply want to tidy up your equity management processes.


With Orchestra you can recruit, retain and incentivise key staff through an easily managed employee share option plan (ESOP).

Why companies trust Orchestra

Features & benefits

Create a single source of truth

Protect your data and create an audit trail around key corporate documents such as shareholder agreements: saving time and money with one central platform

Improve communication all-round

Choose user-friendly options for investor communications, updates and annual reporting, and provide access for key employees, lawyers and accountants

Gain peace of mind for compliance

Localised compliance is built right into Orchestra, so you can effortlessly meet your company and director obligations under the Companies Act 1993

Companies Office integration

All updates automatically sync with the Companies Office, and you can complete your Companies Office annual return for free within the Orchestra platform


No more spreadsheets – music to the ears

Orchestra is your straightforward alternative to endless spreadsheets, unorganised emails and incorrectly filed documents. This cloud-based platform is accurate, up-to-date, secure yet accessible, and designed to scale with you.

Orchestra is what the professionals use for equity management.

“Orchestra is perfect for consolidating all our shareholder communications into ‘one source of truth’, and the team were fantastic to work with – both with the initial setup but also ongoing support.”
Aiden Bartlett
Co-founder of Designer Wardrobe
“The Orchestra team went the extra mile to make it as easy as possible for us to get started on the website – most appreciated!”
Alice Shopland
Founder of Angel Food

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