About Orchestra

The beginnings and the team behind it all



Orchestra is the result of New Zealand’s leading private equity investment marketplace, Snowball Effect, partnering with two of veterans of the New Zealand tech startup scene, to answer some problems that plague thousands of companies and investors every year.

After initially existing as a share registry solution as part of Snowball Effect, Orchestra has flourished into a platform in its own right. We service Kiwi companies big or small, from those with complex shareholding requirements, to those just starting out.

Our motivation

Orchestra is on a mission to better connect investors with the companies they invest in. When investors in a business are better connected to their investment, they can function better as advocates for the product, making it easier for your solution to reach more customers. We believe that investing in private companies can only be a good thing for New Zealand, and we want to make more investors confident to take the plunge.

We also want to give companies their time back, so they can work on growing their businesses instead of being tied up in clumsy, time consuming back office admin.

Orchestra saves admin hours required to stay compliant as a registered company. If businesses are confident that they are meeting their legal obligations, they can focus on the important, and productive, parts of running a thriving operation.

Our team

Our passionate team has years of experience in creating and running successful businesses. more than that, they enjoy seeing other businesses thrive too. We want to hear your story so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Casey Eden

Founder & Managing Director

Before Orchestra, Casey was a co-founder of Neighbourly.co.nz and one of the team who created GrabOne.co.nz. Casey is passionate about achieving the maximum result for whatever effort you put into life, and squeezing in as many great experiences as possible along the way. Casey is in his happy place when playing spectacularly inconsistent golf, and can’t help but drive his family up the wall with his ever-growing ‘to do’ lists.

Ben Tan

Founder & Product Director

Ben has a degree in Mechatronics Engineering, and started his career working in automated production lines before joining Snowball Effect early on to manage the design, build, and expansion of the platform. Ben also spent some time in Christchurch running the Vodafone xone programme, working to help find alignment between startups and corporates. During his downtime, Ben has a passion for building odd contraptions, and has a love and appreciation for art.

Oliver Kastler

Founder & Technology Director

Oliver worked at multiple start ups and tech companies in Germany and New Zealand, including Neighbourly.co.nz and Realestate.co.nz. Oliver’s pet peeve are manual tasks - the reason why all aspects of Orchestra are as automated as possible, from infrastructure to testing to releasing new features. When away from the computer, he tries to squeeze coffee breaks into his busy three kids and two dogs household.

Andrew Morris

Operations Director

Andrew has a degree in Commerce, with a background in Commercial Law and Information Systems, with studies in Business Analysis and Financial Markets Law. Andrew has spent three years working at Snowball Effect, progressing to the Product Lead for Investor Services. Andrew has a passion for travel and skiing, having spent his upbringing in Switzerland and Malaysia.

In Young Cho

Platform Engineer

In Young is a Platform Engineer with 15+ years experience. In Young has worked closely with Casey and Oliver to develop Neighbourly.co.nz. She enjoys implementing robust solutions and troubleshooting. Outside of work, In Young loves sunbathing on the beach and has a huge love for dogs.

Simeon Burnett

Founder & Strategic Adviser

Simeon is one of the co-founders of Snowball Effect and is passionate about building businesses and developing a more efficient capital market. Before founding Snowball Effect, Simeon spent 9 years at Fonterra working across M&A, commodity portfolio management, and international business. Simeon loves getting to the beach, exercising, and enjoying a good wine or quality craft beer with his wife.