Employee share option plan

Recruit and retain key staff

An employee share option plan (ESOP) is a great way to recruit and retain your key staff. Better yet, it's a tax-efficient way to give equity in your company.

ESOP will be part of Orchestra in Q4 2020

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ESOP company and employee features

  • Single source of truth

    The company dashboard allows for easy allocation of option parcels to employees and includes an easy way of recording key ESOP details.
  • Simple management tools

    Simple tools allow company admins to convert options as they vest while tracking remaining ESOP availability.
  • Employee transparency

    Orchestra provides employee access to track parcels and other important company information. Empower employees to make them feel like they're a part of the business.
  • Fully diluted view

    Have the ability to show full dilution within your primary Share Registry.

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