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Present a professional view of your company to investors, run an ESOP scheme, and all while saving time and money

Orchestra's all-in-one, equity management platform, gives you the tools to ensure your company back-office tasks are taken care of while maintaining your share registry obligations.

Features for your company

  • Single source of truth

    Your company share registry, share transactions, along with other key legal information live in Orchestra, so the important bits of your business automatically stay up-to-date with minimal effort. Orchestra can also help set up and maintain any nominee company or employee share scheme structures your company requires.
  • Engagement tools

    Built-in communication tools let you communicate with your investors while keeping all-important company documents at your fingertips for easy access.
  • In-built compliance

    Orchestra securely allows your investors to update their contact information independently. Effortlessly meet your company and director obligations under the Companies Act 1993.
  • Preparation for sale or future capital raises

    For subsequent capital raises or a company sale transaction, Orchestra will help you save money, and headaches by retrospectively building an accurate share registry history – keeping investors engaged typically leads to repeat investment.

Rely on Orchestra as your real-time admin

Orchestra is changing the way companies handle their back-office tasks. Focus on running your business and be confident that your legal obligations are being met at all times.

Orchestra for companies

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