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Manage Private Share Portfolio for Investors

How easily can your investors keep track of their portfolio, important documents and past communications?

Orchestra’s all-in-one, equity management platform, provides the tools and visibility you need to manage your private company portfolio. Track all share transactions and enjoy easy access to your latest investor communications and important company documents.

Investor features

  • Single source of truth

    Don’t spend hours searching for and reconciling share transactions from different sources. With Orchestra, you can be confident you have access to the latest cap table and your historical transaction data.
  • Access your important company documents

    Orchestra's document vault gives investors full transparency over key company documents. Forget having to search your emails or paper files – all company correspondence and documents are at your fingertips at all times.
  • Investor communications

    Orchestra keeps you up to date with past and present investor communications, ensuring you never miss any important company announcements.
  • Maintain your shareholding remotely

    Digitally keep and maintain all your Orchestra investor information in one place.

Managing your important investments

Orchestra is changing the way investors manage their investments, and companies manage their compliance obligations. Transparency and handy tools available on Orchestra enable investors to become more engaged and informed.

Inviting additional companies to Orchestra

There's a benefit and convenience of having all your investments in one place. Get in touch with us to find out how you can add a private company to your Orchestra portfolio.

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