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Secure Trading Platforms for Stakeholders

Introduce liquidity events for all your stakeholders

Share Trading is a white-labelled platform that allows private companies to run trading events where investors can participate in buying and selling their shares, creating liquidity for your shareholders.

Share Trading features

  • Trading events

    Creating share trading events allow you to drive trading activity into a specified timeframe, allowing you to create marketing activity to promote the event and concentrate trading volume.
  • Single Market clearing price

    Share price is calculated using a market clearing price, ensuring all qualifying event participants come in at the same price during a trading event.
  • Minimal administration

    AML obligations, handling of funds, and the share transfer process are all completed by Snowball Effect, resulting in low administrative burden for you and your team.
  • Stay in control of your share price

    Share Trading offers a number of market pricing options, such as setting a floor price for orders placed, or setting a fixed price market.

Preparing for a Share Trading event

  • Prepare a trading report

    Prepare a Trading Report that includes latest financials and any additional material information about the company that will help shape an investor place a buy/sell order, eg. milestones or sales growth.
  • Update your captable

    Ensure that your share registry on Orchestra is accurate and up to date.
  • Market the event

    Market the trading event with your shareholder base and interested investment parties.