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Free Trust Management on Orchestra

Coming soon to Orchestra in early 2021

A trust is a legally binding arrangement when a person (the settlor) transfers legal ownership of assets to certain chosen persons (trustees) to be held on trust for the benefit of persons named by the settlor (the beneficiaries).

During 2021 there are some large changes coming to how trusts are managed.

Orchestra is excited to offer a free platform for managing the legal requirements for your Trust. The Orchestra Trusts module is perfect for ensuring that you meet these new requirements in 2021.

The Orchestra Trust module

  1. Trust transparency: All beneficiaries are aware they are beneficiaries of the trust, are given trustee contact details and are advised that they have rights to request information.
  2. Centralised documents: All important and legal documents are maintained in an easy to manage platform. Core documents may include trust deeds, trustee minutes, accounts and other important trust documents.
  3. Compliant communications portal: Communications between trustees and beneficiaries are documented and stored in a compliant manner. Orchestra provides an integrated communications tool you can use in place of emails.

All information stored on Orchestra is only visible to Trust Administrators by default and you can choose what information is shown to Beneficiaries.

How do I get started?

Simply complete this form below and we will create a basic Trust structure for you on Orchestra.

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